Common Questions About the Popular Liferoom

Homeowners love having an option for enjoying the outdoors with all of the conveniences of the indoors. For example, outdoor living rooms are becoming more popular, and sunrooms remain a common addition to homes.

Liferooms near North Hills, CA

An option that is steadily increasing in popularity are Liferooms, which come with their own unique advantages. If you have never heard of a Liferoom and would like to learn more about them, check out these common questions and answers so you can see what a Liferoom of your own could do for you.

What is a Liferoom?

A Liferoom is a bit of a mix between an indoor and outdoor living room. Essentially acting as a patio cover, it has retractable screens on all sides that can come down or go up at the push of a button, often from the convenience of a handheld remote. If you opt for a Liferoom option without motorized screens, you can simply lower the screens manually, and put them back up when you are finished.

How much will a Liferoom cost me?

A Liferoom can cost anywhere from $3000 on the low end to $40,000 on the high end, and it entirely depends on the feature set you would like out of your Liferoom. You can consult with Liferoom installers to learn more and get an estimate for the features you would specifically like your own Liferoom to have equipped.

Will a Liferoom increase my property value?

It very easily could! Additions to homes, especially luxury additions like the Liferoom, often add a good amount of value to a home should you ever decide to put it on the market.

If any of this sounds like something you would like to add onto your home, consider getting in touch with Liferooms near North Hills, CA professionals so that you can have your very own Liferoom installed in your home for your enjoyment anytime of the year.