How To Deal With An Electrical Fire

There is nothing worse than going through a fire or being presented with a fire.  Fires can spring up out of nowhere and depending on where they start can spread quickly.  Before this happens, it is a good idea to have an emergency electrician in Huntsville, AL come out to your spot and look at your electrical.  This small investment can give you peace of mind.

If a fire does occur, you will want to go through a series of specific steps.  The one thing that you don’t want to do is douse the fire with water, this can cause the fire to spread and cause even more damage.

Turn off electricity

The first step is to turn off the electricity.  If you are not fueling the fire with an electrical current, then it will not send power surges throughout your home.  In the overall design of the electrical grid in your home, you have breakers that will trip cutting the power automatically, however, this is not always foolproof.  Go to your breaker box and hit the main switch.

Remove oxygen

Fires run on oxygen.  If you have a fire you need to cut off the source of oxygen.  You can do this by covering the fire, if small enough with a flame-retardant fabric.  This will smother the fire putting it out.  Another option is to take baking soda and pour it on the fire.  Again, this needs to be a small fire, anything large you want to avoid it at all costs.

Use a fire extinguisher

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We should all have a fire extinguisher in our homes.  This should also be checked every six months or as regularly as indicated on the device itself.  Never use water to put out an electrical fire.  If all else fails, get out of the house.  Your life is more important your home.