Things to Expect While Getting Your Tooth Extracted

Tooth extraction is undoubtedly one of the most intimidating dental procedures. There’s a lot of pain and problems associated with the procedure. However, most people have to get it done at some point in their life.

Given below are some things you should be aware of before getting your tooth extracted. However, you can contact a dentist specialized in dental extraction in Yakima for specialized information.

Types Of Tooth Extraction

There are two types of tooth extraction procedures – simple extraction and surgical extraction.

·    Simple extraction is carried out after the administration of local anesthesia. It involves loosening your gums and pulling the affected tooth by forceps. You can ask your dentist for more anesthesia if you feel pain. However, this procedure is slightly less painful and time-consuming.

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·    Surgical extraction is carried out after you have taken a sedative or general anesthesia. It involves making an incision into the gum surrounding the affected tooth and removing the bone covering the tooth’s root. Your dentist will then cut the tooth into small bits and remove each one slowly from your gum.

What Happens After The Tooth Is Extracted

Once your tooth is successfully pulled, your dentist will clean the site to get a clearer look at the sore gum. Depending on the wound size, they might put stitches to save the area from getting infected.

Your dentist will then place a gauze over the stitches. You will have to bite on the gauze for about half an hour after placement to allow the blood to clot.

Quick Healing Is Possible

We understand that the tooth extraction process sounds scary. It will leave you in discomfort for about three days. However, with OTC medication and proper care, your gums will heal in no time. You can then enjoy doing everything healthy teeth can do.